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Spravato Vs Ketamine

What's The Difference Between Spravato And Ketamine?

October 06, 2023

You may have heard about SPRAVATO, the first breakthrough depression medication in over 20 years. Made exclusively for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), Spravato impacts specific neural pathways to improve mood regulation. Spravato is the brand name for esketamine, frequently mixed up with ketamine, an anesthetic. The two medications are similar, yet there are various important differences between Spravato and ketamine.

What is Spravato (esketamine)?

Spravato is a revolutionary new drug that works in a different manner than conventional antidepressants. The medication comes in the form of a self-administered nasal spray and helps the brain deliver messages more effectually. By engaging particular receptors, you can better govern mood and decrease harmful depression symptoms. The change in mood can be immediate, especially for people with Treatment-Resistant Depression.

The active pharmaceutical agent in Spravato is esketamine, a ketamine derivative. Despite the fact that ketamine and Spravato are similar from a chemical standpoint, they impact the body in different manners. Ketamine is an anesthetic, while esketamine targets particular neural receptors to boost brain plasticity. Due to possible side effects like sedation, Spravato has to be administered under the supervision of an approved healthcare provider, like The Counseling Center in Middlesex.

Esketamine is noted for its rapid onset, with results commonly noticed in as little as one to two days following the initial dose. Clinical studies indicate that treatment benefits are realized at the closure of the induction period (4 weeks). Patients taking Spravato have enjoyed:

• Mood regulation

• Elevated productivity

• More interest in social activities

Spravato is not intended to take the place of your prescribed antidepressant but is prescribed in conjunction with your oral antidepressant.

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a substance typically employed as a short-term anesthetic and administered intravenously. The FDA has never approved ketamine as a depression medication. Ketamine also makes the news as a "club drug" that has become popular among teens and young adults. Taken as a powder or liquid, ketamine can produce sensations of euphoria and dissociation. To inquire about ketamine addiction, please reach out to us at 732-629-9510.

What Is The Difference Between Spravato and Ketamine?

Frequently Asked Questions About Spravato vs. Ketamine

Will Spravato nasal spray alleviate pain like ketamine?

Spravato is not intended to address pain, and pain alleviation hasn’t been found as a side effect. Ketamine is used as a veterinary and surgical anesthetic.

Can I use Spravato on my own?

Presently, Spravato is only accessible through authorized healthcare practitioners due to sedation and dissociation side effects and the danger of misuse or abuse.

What is Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)?

Spravato is only authorized for people with Treatment-Resistant Depression. You may have TRD if:

  • You've been treated for a severe depressive disorder
  • You’ve taken at least two antidepressant treatments
  • You haven’t been receptive to treatment

Millions of people globally are treated for a major depressive disorder, and around 30% of those struggle daily with TRD.

What is Spravato treatment like?

First and foremost, if you think Spravato could help you, you require a clinical assessment to figure out if the treatment is suitable. At every session, you'll get your vital signs examined and administer the nasal spray yourself. Every Spravato session can take as long as two hours so healthcare providers can watch for side effects. A brief assessment is completed at the finish of every appointment to record your progress. For safety reasons, the drug will only be available at a REMS-certified Spravato Treatment Center like The Counseling Center in Middlesex. It is also recommended that you attend regular therapy sessions while taking Spravato.

Want To Know More About Spravato?

Reach out to the Counseling Center to determine if Spravato is suitable for you. Talk with an expert by calling 732-629-9510 or completing the following form. We're here for you at all hours, each day of the week.