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DUI Evaluations Near Middlesex

If you have just been accused of driving under the influence (DUI), it is imperative to grasp the seriousness of the situation and the potential impact it may have on your daily life. A DUI assessment near Middlesex -- also known as an alcohol or drug evaluation -- establishes the degree of your substance use challenges and appraises the degree of risk you pose to yourself and other individuals on the road. This appraisal plays an essential role in the judicial process and leads your next actions, such as detox, support, treatment programs, or education, with the overriding goal of stopping future impaired driving occurrences .

What To Expect During Your DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center at Middlesex

The Counseling Center at Middlesex provides approved DUI assessments near Middlesex. We see these assessments as just one step toward getting your life back together. You may anticipate considerate staff in an unbiased setting when you come in.

We keep DUI assessments uncomplicated. A experienced, licensed clinician will find out about your alcohol and drug use and medical history so we can comprehend your experiences, habits, and views concerning substance use. Once we have your answers, we’ll determine the likelihood of you getting another DUI offense and if you need further coursework or addiction treatment to steer clear of another occurrence. Our practitioners are skilled in discerning the distinction between drug and alcohol addiction and a one-time mistake and will never advocate excessive therapy.

After your assessment, we’ll author an in-depth report of our determinations to present to your probation officer or the court. Our goal is to supply thorough and impartial information for everyone seeking a DUI assessment near Middlesex. We hope the findings we provide will help you acquire the assistance you need to enhance your life. If you have questions or concerns, call us at 732-629-9510 for more information about how we do DUI evaluations.

Why Come To The Counseling Center For A DUI Evaluation?

You don’t have a choice when the court tells you to undergo a DUI evaluation, but you may decide where the evaluation is conducted. The Counseling Center is an authorized accredited provider in New Jersey. We are easy to find near Middlesex and you can arrange your DUI evaluation in one quick call.

Our knowledgeable practitioners are well versed in administering accurate DUI assessments. They recognize how critical this appraisal is for your future. They interview you in a thorough manner and make careful, comprehensive notes and suggestions to the court.

Our staff is also glad to respond to any concerns about the assessment process or cost. If you are concerned about the charge, let us know, and we’ll work with you to find a payment option you can afford.

If your appraisal suggests you receive help for a substance use disorder, we are here for you. The Counseling Center supplies specialized care for drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our mental health services supply several levels of support to accommodate your distinct needs. We provide understanding, evidence-based medical and psychiatric therapy to help you overcome substance addiction and related mental health concerns. No matter if you only consult with us for your DUI evaluation near Middlesex or enroll in therapy, our aim is to help you get your life back together and moving in the right direction.

Request A DUI Assessment At The Counseling Center at Middlesex

If you or a family member require a court-ordered DUI assessment near Middlesex or more info about recovering from alcohol or drug use, The Counseling Center can help. Contact 732-629-9510 or send the contact form below for prompt support. We respond at all hours, every day of the year. We are ready to support you.