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Frequently Asked Questions For The Counseling Center at Middlesex

The Counseling Center offers thorough substance use and mental health treatments in Middlesex. When you visit our outpatient facility, you’ll find the services you need to support your recovery. We’ll help you manage daily life without leaning on unhealthy substances.

Prior to your arrival, take a moment to read our Middlesex intensive outpatient FAQs. You’ll discover answers to many of your questions on this page. In the event you still need information about a specific topic, reach out to 732-629-9510 any time for assistance.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed for individuals who require ongoing addiction recovery support and mental health counseling. Unlike in residential rehab programs, you’ll go home after attending therapy at our outpatient facility. Our program gives you the opportunity to fulfill your daily obligations while still obtaining care for mental illness and drug or alcohol use.

The majority of patients who enter IOP in our facility have previously completed detox and residential rehab programs. They are now ready to delve into issues in a more thorough manner by way of therapy to fix the mental side of substance use. The Counseling Center Middlesex offers several levels of intensive outpatient care dependent on your stage of recovery. Once we’ve done a medical assessment, we design a personalized treatment plan adapted to your requirements. At this time, you’ll begin attending different therapy meetings every week led by our certified counselors. During therapy, you’ll see how to live without alcohol or drugs and how to handle any mental health issues that prompted substance use in the first place.

Because we adapt our treatments for individual patients, The Counseling Center at Middlesex utilizes different therapy techniques to meet each person’s unique requirements. With that being so, almost everyone attends a mix of group, individual, and family therapy.

All therapy is conducted by licensed experts who are trained to help you. In treatment, you will delve into topics including:

  • How disorders -- like trauma, anxiety, or bipolar disorder -- prompt alcohol and drug use 
  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome · How to avoid relapse 
  • The role of 12-Step programs in recovery 
  • How families can cope over the course of substance use recovery


Also, you’ll receive treatment for any mental health or co-occurring disorders that prompted drug or alcohol use. Based on your specific diagnosis, you could experience:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Motivational interviewing


There’s no set reply for this because everyone has distinct recovery goals and advances through our alcohol or drug therapy differently. Some patients attend treatment for eight weeks while others maintain their treatment for three or more years. And, of course, you are free to enroll again as many times as needed.

No, our IOP program doesn’t include detox or inpatient rehab treatment. If you are uncertain if you should enroll in one of these options before exploring outpatient treatment at The Counseling Center, you may call 732-629-9510. A staff member will answer you promptly and provide guidance on getting the help you require at an inpatient facility.

Inpatient and outpatient treatments are distinct levels of care. In inpatient treatment, you reside in a residential facility with access to caregivers on a 24-hour basis. Inpatient treatment gives you a safe location to remove yourself from outside influences and obtain constant assistance while you detox or recover from alcohol or drugs or are in jeopardy of a relapse during rehab.

Outpatient care is sensible once you have advanced enough in your recovery where you don’t require constant direction or medical intervention. Outpatient choices help you stay sober with peer support sessions and therapy while allowing you to balance your normal activities. You can receive treatment several days every week but return home after therapy as you continue to work to lasting sobriety.

The Counseling Center Middlesex is a secular entity. While we feel that your faith may play a part in substance use recovery, our care isn’t guided by any religious beliefs.

We feel the 12-step approach to counseling is beneficial for many individuals. Our facility uses a few facets of 12-step programs, like a focus on group therapy in our approach. We even hold 12-step meetings at our location, and many of individuals in our care take part in these. With that being said, our focus is to consistently provide custom-tailored care for your exact needs.

We highly endorse family participation in therapy, and even conduct family support meetings every week. Our expert family counselors will help you and your family members:


  • Improve your understanding of substance use and mental health 
  • Handle the difficulties of drug and alcohol recovery 
  • Enhance communication abilities 
  • Work through concerns 
  • Identify co-dependency tendencies 
  • Regain trust 
  • Find how to support each other


Your family might find it helpful to start by joining us for a family education gathering. These sessions are conducted each Wednesday evening and supply families guidance about how to support someone you care about in addiction recovery.

The first action to take in finding drug and alcohol therapy in Middlesex is to reach out to us at 732-629-9510 to arrange a meeting for an assessment. This assessment will help us understand your medical history and where you are in your drug or alcohol use recovery. With this knowledge, we can create a custom-tailored care plan and set up the types of therapy that will be most beneficial to you.

Your assessment consists of:


  • An interview process 
  • Questionnaires 
  • Medical history evaluation 
  • Psycho-social evaluations 
  • Breath and/or urine evaluation


The information gathered and your honest responses will allows us to create the proper treatment strategy for you.

Have questions about The Counseling Center Middlesex? Are you interested in starting alcohol or drug use treatment? We are ready to advise you. Call 732-629-9510 or complete the form on this page and get a swift answer from a member of our team. Find help today.

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Have questions about The Counseling Center at Middlesex? Are you interested in starting alcohol or drug use treatment? We are ready to advise you. Call 732-629-9510 or complete the form on this page and get a swift answer from a member of our team. Find help today.