Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment in Middlesex, NJ
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Addiction Treatment At An Outpatient Program In Middlesex

Everyone takes a particular trail to drug and alcohol recovery, and you should get treatments that are suitable for your unique experience. At The Counseling Center at Middlesex, we present several outpatient programs in order to supply the therapy you need for substance use or mental health disorders. Within our Outpatient Program in Middlesex, you'll have access to empowering individual and group therapy that helps you maintain long-lasting sobriety while going about your normal lifestyle.

Who Might Benefit From Our Outpatient Program In Middlesex?

Our Outpatient Program (OP) is a drug and alcohol use treatment program for Middlesex area people age 18 and older. This program provides mental health and addiction counseling for people who need ongoing support but not 24/7 medical assistance. An abundance of our patients have finished detox or inpatient rehab and seek extra assistance overcoming substance use.

If you call The Counseling Center at Middlesex to discuss your treatment, we will schedule a complete evaluation to learn more about your medical and substance use history. Our experienced clinicians utilize this info to determine if OP treatment -- or another treatment -- will help. Our aim is to provide personalized substance use and mental health support specific to your circumstances and recovery objectives.

Live Your Life While Attending Therapy For Addiction

Different from inpatient detox and rehab facilities, The Counseling Center isn’t designed for 24-hour residential support. Alternatively, you'll get therapy at set times during the day while still sleeping in your own bed. Outpatient treatment choices give you the chance to work and enjoy your family life while maintaining your recovery.

As part of our Outpatient Program for Middlesex, we'll work with you to establish an individualized treatment plan. This strategy helps you gain an understanding of the triggers and trauma that influence mental health and substance use. Then, your personalized plan may be updated as you progress through the Outpatient Program.

Why Get OP Treatment At The Counseling Center?

A patient getting information at the front deskThe services at The Counseling Center are planned to help you conquer addiction and address the mental health disorders that may prompted it. Guided by skilled therapists, you’ll be given the opportunity to:

  • Continue substance use treatment while living at home
  • Perform your job and care for family while improving yourself
  • Receive treatment for both the psychological and physical aspects of addiction
  • Prevent relapse with consistent sobriety support and Medical-assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Create a solid localized support group of peers and trained clinicians

Combat Substance Use At Its Roots In Outpatient Therapy

Alcohol and drug use frequently stems from fundamental mental health. To effectively treat substance use, we also have to manage these co-occurring disorders. The Counseling Center uses evidence-based therapy methods to present the highest level of substance use services possible. Our Outpatient Program relies on both individual and group therapy to help you improve your mental health and conquer drug or alcohol use|.

Our group therapy discussions are led by expert clinicians and typically include a maximum of 15 patients. In this group setting, you'll:

  • Converse about the difficulties of substance use disorder with others
  • Explore how to enhance mental health
  • Hear the experiences of other individuals also in recovery
  • Build supportive connections with others

Our OP in Middlesex also includes individual therapy. Meeting one-on-one with a counselor in a confidential room lets you look at your personal difficulties and discuss remedies personalized to you without feelings of judgment. Our therapists use validated methods to address the mental health disorders and past trauma that frequently prompt alcohol and drug use and help you cultivate techniques for coping with life without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

Get Started In The Outpatient Program At The Counseling Center at Middlesex

When you or a member of your family needs care for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, assistance is available today. Call us at 732-629-9510 or fill out the following form. You’ll receive a prompt response no matter the hour or day. The Counseling Center is ready for you.